This is my first time highlighting what’s going on in the Tricking world. Although samplers will be the main feature, I hope to start posting more information specific to tricksters–similar to what I have already done by interviewing Yuri Marmerstein and Vellu Saarela. Video barrages are fun and all, but I like to think I have more to offer than that.

Leave it up to Juji and Antoine to kick off this week’s highlights with an awesome new sampler: NSIV (Nuclear Summer 4). This is an absolute pleasure. It’s been so long since Juji has released anything. Good to see them both lifting heavy and flying all over the place. It’s crazy to think about where these guys have come from, physically, since their first summer extravaganza (see Scorch).


Yuri Marmerstein showcases his hand balancing and gymnastic skills in this video. What I love about Yuri’s stuff is that you can look back and see how far he has come. Knowing how difficult planches and static holds are, respect how much time and effort he puts into it. Oh, did I mention he can trick too?


This video is “old,” but I’d hate myself if I didn’t post it. I guess it’s my fault for starting this tradition so late, but Ott has always been an inspiring trickster. In an age when everyone is indoors tricking on plyo floors and with the comfort of matting, this guy always releases backyard footage, often in bad weather and in shoes.


Vellu, disgusting as always. I’m not sure I have much else to say here. In my opinion, the “best” there is from a talent and ability standpoint. I just hope nothing slows him and his innovation down.


Here’s some footage of the most recent Giga Gathering. Aside from the mind blowing tricks, look at the crowd. The first Maryland gathering had about ten tricksters. Now there seem to be hundreds of observers. Crazy how much it has grown.



Lastly, I wanted to mention that there’s a special edition of My Mad Methods that features an article written by myself that is about tricking. There was a slight mix-up with my editor in that I was submitting the article for some initial thoughts and he took it as my final piece, so it’s not as well written as it could be. But I’m anxious to see it, as it’s my first real paper publication. You can find more about the issue here.



6 Responses to This Week in Tricking (Juji, Antoine, Yuri, Ott, Vellu, Giga)

  1. your blog looks wrong using my iphone.

    • anthony mychal says:

      Thanks for letting me know. It’s not optimized for mobile viewing as of right now. We’ll see how it looks after the update, but I can’t say anything will change. Sorry about that.

  2. bobby says:

    hey, thought you may be interested in this. hes an amazing oly lifter and tricker. quite cool to see if you like strength training etc..

  3. Nick Outlaw says:

    It is amazing to see big guys that flexible and well balanced! Inspirational to know that you can be truelly huge and functional! I realy liked your article on Tnation this week.

    Thanks for the good posts,

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