Welcome to a new segment I like to call, “You Need to Read These.” Quite simply, I reference under appreciated links that float around on Twitter and Facebook that pertain to athleticism, strength, and health. Everyone knows about popular blogs and whatnot, but I hope to highlight the lesser known links and content. I’m not just feeding you everything that happens, but only things that you’ll find useful.

Letters from the FDA to Dr. Oz – Interesting bit about the FDA “threatening” Dr. Oz about publicly showing content. It just shows how crooked the FDA is. I can’t believe they still are the major regulator behind the food we eat. It’s all about money for them though.

How Athletes Win Head to Head Competition – You don’t know how hard you can push yourself until you compete. Get out there and start challenging yourself.

Is Organic Food Better? - Did a lesson on this when I taught. I’m not quite convinced that organic fruits and vegetables are better, especially considering their proximity to pesticide laden plots. I’m rather sold on grass fed beef and cage free eggs though. If you have the money, go there. Here is a similar article by Sean Hyson entitled, Organic Food. We We Wrong?


Energy Systems Review – An absolute MUST READ. I don’t have anything else to say. Aerobic work gets a bad name, but it’s very important for most athletes.


How Forests Boost Immunity - Bottom line: get outside more often. I don’t care how, just do it. Go for a walk, play some sports, hike, bike, climb, whatever. It’s where we are meant to be, not inside a dusty house.

How to Coach a Surgeon – Just to give you an idea that surgeons don’t always know what’s going to happen when they sink their scalpel into your skin. An interesting read if not anything else.

Most Shocking Diet Myths - Cool slideshow with some reputable names in there to back up the information.

Are Birth Control Pulls Changing Evolution? - Got this link from JC Deen, and it’s an interesting article.

Straightforward Knee Rehab – Tooting my own horn a bit here, but this is first article ever showcased on T-Nation. Check it out.

Freak Strength – I’m also happy to say that I’ve joint the group of contributors to FreakStrength.Com. Thanks to Mike Guadango for the opportunity, and I’m excited to get started over there.


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